Lip fillers – my experience

I got my lips filled!

This is never a process that I would jump straight into! I had been umming and aring about this for such a long time but I didn’t know anyone who had had this done before (no one who had had it done well anyway). One of my closest friends came to meet me at the pub one day and she looked different but I couldn’t work out how! she’d had 0.5 mil injected into her lips, they looked fuller and still so natural! She added me into the Facebook group and to the Instagram page for the lady (Nicola Farrell aesthetics) and I stalked her work until I was ready!

THE PROCESS! – I booked in with the lady for a 1mil treatment as I have always drawn my lips on quite full on! On the day I got to my location and she rubbed numbing cream all over my lips and spoke to me about the process and got me to fill out health forms and consent forms, whilst the cream got to work.
(I went for 0.5 mil this time as I knew the swelling would take it’s toll and I had an interview the next day!)

I got the boarder done first, she did 6 injections on the top lip & 3 on the bottom to give my lips some definition and shape. Inbetween each injection or every 2, she would massage my lips to help the filler spread. Afterwards she wiped them with an anaesthetic wipe and applied Vaseline and I was good to go!

A week later one the swelling had gone I went back for my next 0.5 mil as I wasn’t happy with the size after the first time! This time I got the body of the lips filled. The process was the same again (I can’t remember how many time she injected this time) I was probably there for half an hour/45 mins each time, however the actual process took around 5 minutes!

Here are my before and after photos!

Was it worth it? YES! I’m so happy with my results.

Would I do it again? These should last 4/6 months so probably!

What product was used? Restylane

Pain rating? 3/10 I felt a tug when the needle came out but apart from that I barely felt a thing!

How much did I pay? I paid £160 for my treatment. She had an offer on and it was £90 (instead of £130) for 0.5 or £160 (instead of £189) for 1 mil. I paid for the full mil upfront so that I saved my self an additional £20.


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  1. Thank you for sharing about your experience. Helps as I always worry about the pain (really shouldn’t cause I got tattoos and they don’t make me blink so to say haha. And your lips look amazing!!


    1. tmwxbeauty says:

      Aww thanks so much! Yeah I also have tattoos & I was so scared of the pain! Haha but honestly if you breathe in when told and stay still, it just feels like a flu jab! X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah not too bad then! 😁 eek you got me excited for them 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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