My tattoos & why!

Nan.. if you’re reading this, STOP! Close the browser and go get a brew. Or if you’re choosing to ignore me like I ignored you when you said you didn’t like tattoos, remember as a Nan it’s your duty to love me even when I’m bad *rolls eyes, kiss face and angel face emoji*

Here’s tattoo number one!I got this on Father’s Day (UK) 2013, this is a small memorial to my dad, who passed away 13 years ago when I was 9 years old. I drew it which is why it’s not perfectly straight like it’s been designed and printed. I thought drawing it myself would make it more special than having a tattoo artist draw it perfectly for me.

Tattoo number two!Here’s tattoo number two! I got this in April 2015. My boyfriend, of almost 4 years, moved to London for work 1 year after we got together. It’s been hard being away from him but we made it work and hopefully he’s coming home early 2017! With him being away so much working 6 days of 10 and he’s usually home the other 4 days.. ‘meet you there’ is in our good night texts nightly. Cheesy, but it’s special.

Tattoo number three!SURPRISE! Haha there HAD to be a Disney one didn’t there! I started this one in June 2015 and it took 10 hours on average! Beauty and the beast is by FAR my favourite Disney princess movie! I’ve loved this story since I was little and I think the story is just so beautiful. In every Disney story I feel as though there’s such a valuable life lesson, you can never be too old for Disney! (This is on my right thigh/hip, so quite high up! Cabin crew is my dream career so I have all my tattoos out of sight and the two tiny tattoos are not noticible at all with a single small plaster and tan tights!!) 

Aaaand finally tattoo number four!10 points to those who guessed it would be Disney again! This was added to my collection in July 2016. Now I said Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney princess movie, but only my second favourite Disney film! My first is Toy Story! Who doesn’t love Toy Story?! You’re lying if you say you don’t! This one again has to do with my relationship, it’s our favourite film to watch together! As the song says “none of them will ever love you the way I do” and that’s too true! My boyfriend is my best friend. We fight and bicker but in the end it’s only really us that have each other’s backs regardless of what happened and everything always works out! Just like Buzz and woody! 

Do you have tattoos? Comment below with the link to your tattoo post, I’d love to see them!


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