My experience with the contraceptive implant! 

Before you start reading, please note that there might be more information in this post than you wanted, but I wish I knew this before I went through with the implanon implant – so if you’re considering it, this might help you! 
So, I’ve always used contraception! I started off on the pill. I had to have cerazette because my dad had a heart attack at a young age and I get the worst migraines. I didn’t like them they made my periods so unbearable, so I tried the injection that you get in your bum cheek every 3 months but they made me bleed NONE STOP! When I met my current boyfriend I knew I needed to get on something, so I did my research on the implanon implant and thought hmm it’s a little bit or miss but I’m sure I’ll be fine! I mean some reviews were amazing and some others had a few minor issues – minor?! What minor? Not for me anyway! I had the implant put in and for the first week there was a little spotting, which I was told was normal. So after that week where I was supposed to bleed only a little, it got worse and worse and worse and heavier and heavier and heavier over the next month. Day in day out! To the point where I was ill and fainted due to so much blood loss, after visiting my GP they said oh give it 3 months and it will sort itself out.. so I did and 3 months passed and it didn’t get much better.

A week later it stopped and I had a full week free of bleeding, I thought ‘this is it’ it’s finally settled! But then it started again this was only spotting but then when my period should normally have come around it was SO heavy and SO painful. Then when my period was usually supposed to stop.. then came the spotting again! I wanted so badly for it to work itself out and for my body to be normal again. Before I knew it a year had passed and through out that whole year I had probably not bled for about 2 weeks on the whole? Yeah!
I then googled what was wrong with me. (Come on were all guilty of it!) and people had said oh after a year mine was fine so silly me left it in! 
It came round to me going on holiday in 2015 and I couldn’t face spending 2 weeks in Florida with this not knowing when I’d be bleeding heavy or being so conscious in the water parks! So I visited my GP again and asked what could be done. They gave me some tablets called Norethisterone, (to delay the bleeding) WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! The side effects of these made me throw up on holiday and my skin got awful.. And I had to edit all of my holiday pictures because I felt so ugly! 

I stopped taking these as soon as I was home but I wasn’t let off lightly! The two weeks that I was bleeding for caught up on me! The pain and the whole experience was horrendous!! 

I got this put in on the NHS in a place called Mariestopes in fallowfield, when I rang to ask for it out they told me that if they were to do it I’d have to pay £200 AND travel to London for it removed! In the end I had to book in to a sexual health clinic in Salford for it to be removed for free. I was numbed in this process but let me tell you! I felt the WHOLE thing, I felt the incision and I felt the wriggling round whilst he pulled it out of my arm! I was screaming I was in tears I was shouting I was a STATE! And I have sat through a 7 hour tattoo sitting, my pain tolerance is so high, it’s up there with the gods! After it was removed and I was bandaged up, the doctor asked me if I wanted to keep it as a souvenir.. DID I WANT TO TAKE THE DEVIL HOME AND KEEP IT?!

If you’re considering getting the implant please consider your history of contraception! Maybe contraception just doesn’t agree with my body and maybe if you’ve experienced the same as me with the pill/injection then think carefully about the implant! My cousin has the implant and she has no periods and she loves it, everyone is different! 

I hope this helps at least one person make the right decision for them!


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  1. It really is icky and so messed your body up. So sorry it was such a terrible experience!! It’s made me so irregular and in pain where I’ll go in pain and spotting for weeks then stop a week then flow for almost two months! Can’t wait to get it out. They should of just taken it out for you in the first place when causing that much pain! Xx


    1. tmwxbeauty says:

      Thankyou! I’m sorry it’s been horrid for you too! Yeah I was going beyond crazy and just was so miserable! That’s the NHS for you though! Handing out boob jobs willy nilly but can’t fix a problem they put in! Haha xx


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