New year resolutions & goals 2017

It’s 2017! Did we even have a 2016? I can’t believe how quickly it went! But here I am, sat on my bed feeling fat, sick and broke! I am that person who sets the most unrealistic resolutions and then breaks them with in the first month, which then makes me feel even worse! This year I decided I’m going to smash my resolutions and start to make a difference!

Resolution 1: Actually make it past March with my yearly diary! I get a new diary every year and I start off writing down all my work shifts all of my plans keeping track of my diet etc but by March when hours have picked up again at work I find myself not budgeting and in my local Chinese 2 times a week!

Resolution 2: regularly work out/attend the gym! I’m going to start this one in March because I feel like joining the gym is janruary is cursed and people only do it for new year, go for the induction and then never see the gym doors again! – If I join when the hype is over I will feel much better about it!

Resolution 3: AVOID THE CHINESE! (Takeaway.. obv) no more chicken fried rice with extra peas and extra soy sauce, veg spring rolls and chicken satay for me! I’m going to really work hard on healthy eating!

Resolution 4: wear each outfit I buy atleast 5 times before I sell it on depop/vinted! Or just not buy it if I don’t need it! 

And finally resolution 5: live off £30 per week foodwise and SAVE SAVE SAVE! I’m planning on moving out with my boyfriend hopefully before next new year! So I’m literally saving every penny I can! You’d be surprised what £30 can buy you when you’re eating well and cooking from scratch! (Oh another resolution should probably be to learn how to cook.. from scratch?) 

I’m so excited for the year ahead and I have so much planned! I can’t wait to get blogging regularly and start building a future with my other half! What are your resolutions? 


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