Quick and easy Spring summer NYX shadow look!

I went on a little online shopping spree last week on the Boots website, I picked up my favourite blush which is ‘Mauve me’ ombré blush and also 4 shadows which I felt could create a simple super easy every day look for the spring and summer, I already had mermaid and jaded (the first two greens) so next to that I have butterscotch, heat, badseed and dolce (left to right) They don’t swatch fabulously but for £2.50 I’m not complaining, if I’m going for a night out I would spray my brush with a little fix plus to help enhance the colour.To create this look, I used a real techniques base shadow brush to apply butterscotch to the inner 2 3rds of the lid and then to applied heat to the outer 1 3rd I then wiped my brush and used it again and went in with badseed to slightly blend the two together, I used my nyx number 15 brush (I think it’s a smudge brush) to run dolce all under my lower lash line and then again to stick a little bit of badseed on the outer corner. 

I used the nyx brunette eyebrow pot with an angled brush. I primed my face with my L’Oréal golden glow liquid illuminator to give a nice shine underneath my garnier BB cream in the shade light/Claire, I used my real techniques multi task brush to apply the mauve me ombré blush to the apples of my Cheeks, put a little carmex on the lips and I was done! I love these shades with my eye colour and I really think not adding black liner/mascara makes them pop! 


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