L’Oréal x Beauty and the beast – swatches/review/depop

EEEEE! they’re finally here! (minus the enchanted rose ‘La Rosa’ – I wasn’t quick enough to order that one!) If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’m Disney MAD. Especially for Beauty and the Beast. When I heard about L’Oréal bringing out these lipsticks I was over the moon but then I realised they were exclusive to Amazon.IT, good job I work in an airport and meet lots of Italian people daily who can translate for me!
(Selling the colours I won’t use on my depop £10 each plus £2.85 postage, Depop username – talluleeeey)

I’m going to go in number order because I can’t pick a favourite, although Cogsworth is probably my number one in this collection.

Cogsworth: packaging and lip swatch. I absolutely ADORE this colour, it’s so bright and even though I haven’t shown it in this picture, with minimal eye makeup it will really make my eyes POP and bring colour to any otherwise plain outfit.

Lumiere: packaging and lip swatch. I was expecting this to be a little darker than it is really, it still is a gorgeous colour though! I currently use honeylove my mac as my go to nude but its on its way out now, and I was going to try going a few shades darker with my next purchase, so I’m going to give this a go for a while. 

Mrs Potts: packaging and lip swatch. Even though I said I couldn’t choose a favourite, this must be my second after Cogsworth. It’s such a gorgeous baby pink colour which I think really flatters my naturally pale complexion!

Plumette: (Fifi in the animated film): packaging and lip swatch. I originally wanted this to be more purple but the more I look at it, the more I’m starting to love it. Not a colour I usually reach for but with it being in the collection I had to give it a go!

Belle: packaging and lip swatch. Gorgeous shade of red, not quite dark enough for me! unfortunately not a colour I would pick for myself! Gutted since Belle is my absolute favourite Disney princess!

Beast: packaging and lip swatch. My favourite Disney prince all rolled up into one gorgeous lipstick, In a gorgeous shade in GORGEOUS packaging. could it get anymore gorgeous than that? such a shame it really doesn’t suit me. I’d keep it for myself just to look at but wouldn’t that be selfish, considering it isn’t available here in the UK? This is now up on my depop for £10 plus £2.85 postage.


Make sure you check my Depop for a chance to grab the colours I didn’t want to keep. All will be sanitised before I post.
Depop username – talluleeeey



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  1. Lumiere looks gorgeous on you! Love these colors!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tmwxbeauty says:

      Thankyou so much! They’re beautiful colours aren’t they ❤ x


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